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Bitcoin is ten years old today and it's still around. Naysayers will be proven wrong until the Apocalypse.

Laundromat minutes are worse than microwave minutes because there's no food at the end, and no satisfying ding.

Laundromat is so boring I feel like buying a washing machine I'd have to climb over to get to the toilet and hook up to my shower. The wonders of megalopolis studio renting.

Première étape de la prohibition des drones : QCM sponsorisé par l'État obligatoire pour faire voler un drone de plus de 800g, avec d'autres restrictions, dont une altitude maximale de 150m

Prochaines étapes : un permis payant, un registre des drones, puis drones soumis à autorisation préfectorale, puis progressivement interdits.


Et compressé avec gzip ? Si c'est tout le temps la même chose ça doit être minuscule.

Je résilie ma carte UGC illimité pour son anniversaire et donc le terme du contrat, économie de 440€ par an à investir dans quelque chose qui apporte plus que des odeurs suspectes, des connards au téléphone et des sièges sales et qui grincent.

Flash sales are ridiculous on Amazon when it's not overpriced Chinese junk that they sell for what it's actually worth: I want to get a SSD and the prices have gone higher since the post-Christmas sales! Thanks CamelCamelCamel for confirming I'm not crazy.

The Switch is ARM64 so is playing the Switch on smartphones and set-top boxes going to be a thing at some point? Crazy world we live in.

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Since newer game consoles are amd64 machines (or are they really?) will the software to emulate them on amd64 machines emulate any hardware or only replicate some quirks and go around some DRM? Will most people in 5 years even own amd64 machines?

I hope people got me wool socks for Christmas. I'm pretty sure at least one person got me wool socks for Christmas. I think I subconsciously never buy enough socks I like so people have a good gift option.

Je ne pense pas qu'on puisse contribuer à Wayback Machine directement mais ils hébergeraient une archive du site quand même.
@LaurentChemla @Natouille

Huh. So the pilot of the Enola Gay, his middle name was Warfield. "Paul Warfield Tibbetts, Jr." Flew a plane named after his mom. Autographed photos of the newly flattened landscape.

Flew the lead bomber of his squadron in 1942, the first American daylhight heavy bombing mission. His bomber at that time was named "Butcher Shop" and he basically tore around carpet-bombing France. He felt bad about bombing French civilians (due to accuracy; targets were supposed to be German/Vichy military), but had a change of heart:

> I was instructed to perform a military mission to drop the bomb. That was the thing that I was going to do the best of my ability. Morality, there is no such thing in warfare. I don’t care whether you are dropping atom bombs, or 100-pound bombs, or shooting a rifle. You have got to leave the moral issue out of it.

1975 interview: "I sleep clearly every night."

That level of stoicism? Of course he was a midwesterner. A dude whose middle name was literally "Warfield". The stones, man!

Ça peut aller sur ? C'est intéressant historiquement en dehors du fait que c'est cocasse.
@bortzmeyer @Natouille

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