If you want to own a gun in France don’t do graffiti because it’s grounds to enter the national register for people not allowed to own guns. That’s a thing and quite a few non-violent “crimes” are enough to be put in it!

Here’s the complete list in French: legifrance.gouv.fr/affichCodeA

Category D2 is still legal to own (not carry and certainly not loaded) without the French State knowing or approving. The most sophisticated guns in that category are percussion cap muzzle loaders.

I think people in the USA should look at gun laws in the European Union and realize that’s the bare minimum the local anti-gun crowd wants: a disarmed and docile populace not allowed to defend itself without extreme legal consequences, thus making the State the sole entity allowed to have armed agents without fear of losing everything.

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French law does not even hide from that: it’s a crime to engage in any behavior the police shows if you’re not one of them, they call it all kinds of different legal names for every variant but it all boils down to “We’re the only ones allowed to have guns and use them”. People that are not police and are allowed to carry guns have to wish for leniency because it can end badly even if they shot someone in self-defense, since self-defense laws are so fucked up here.

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