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>Want to support @fsf for the amazing things they did and still do with a membership
>go into their website
>Asks for credit card
>Credit cards are bloat that tracks us
>Other option is paypal
>Monstrous, centralized, proprietary bloat

Every time I think of IT Security at some companies:

That's it. I'm fucking done with Facebook and its peers(Whats App is an exception).
I'd recommend you guys do the same.

Fuck you Zucc

First time developing for the !!!
You gotta love how smart contracts work man...

Brazilian elections 

Currently 2:44 in Brazil. In about 4 hours the second turn of the presidential election starts.
Never in my libertarian life I was so excited about an election.
BTW, Pic related is the results of one of the voting spots in New Zealand showing Bolsonaro winning.

Acid Bath is probably THE most underrated band of all time. I can't even put them into a genre.
Too bad the bassist died and Dax's ego is the size of 3 sun's nowadays...

#Edinburgh #Yes #Independence march

Estimated 100,000+ marchers. Lovely sunny day. Great atmosphere. Gutted I wasn't there.

Images from curious_laddie & smicht on Twitter

Just got blocked on Faceberg for calling jews warmongering. Censorship in social media is real.
Thank the eight divines that Mastodon exist...

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