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Treason against Tyranny is Loyalty to Liberty

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Even if you don't like Anarchy, Voluntary governments are possible, and unlike American democracy, you would actually have choices.

If you don't like your government, you should be able to replace it with a new one, just like quitting your job or switching insurance companies.

Think of it like democracy of the individual. You rule yourself, unless you (and only you) grant someone the right to rule you. You can actually have choices, not just in politicians, but in systems of government!


The United States has become an Oligarchy.

The voting process is supposed to be the very thing that gives Americans their right to collective self-determination and political freedom, but every single politician who is alive today was voted into power by fear mongering, limited options, and the blessings two immortal parties who cannot be overthrown within the confines of the system.

Only Voluntaryism contains true political freedom, and true self-determination. Anything less is tyranny.

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Taxation is Voluntary

But if you don't vote, then [opposing political party] might win! Are you prepared to let that happen?

The [opposing party] is evil! They [exaggerated claim about their identity politics], [more claims about their identity politics], and [miscellaneous non-issue that the mainstream media is obsessed with]! How can you sleep at night knowing that you are helping them win by not voting!?

[ignore the wars or any serious issues]

You have to get out and vote this November! We're counting on you!

Carthage deserved it. The Romans did absolutely nothing wrong.

Just to make clear, election advertising has always been misleading, but it's never before misled people in totally different ways simultaneously.

Posters, newspaper ads, TV spots etc are the same for everyone who sees them, and everyone has a common frame of reference about the candidate.

With online ads personalised down to the individual level, everyone sees something different, but they don't know this is happening. This makes it much easier to deceive voters, and to distort elections.

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