hey guys!! it's my BIRTHDAY!!!! ^_^ can i get some boosts!!! :D

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

I'm happy to report that we've had numerous donations to Dash Venezuela as a result of our campaign to sell shirts to raise money for the project.

If you would like to learn more about how Dash is helping out Venezuelans, check this out:


Ahoy @redsteakraw ! This young man did an excellent job as an unpaid intern for a short stint during Porcfest. :D

Heh, here's Rand Paul pissing people off with one of the other Rands. Hilarious!

Products you didn't know you needed: Gadsden Flag Shemagh/Keffiyah.

Oh yeah, these puppies were all the rage at this year, but if you weren't there, you can buy them online still. Made in Pakistan for ultimate legitimacy from high-quality cotton, they are an excellent hipster scarf if you're at the coffee shop or an excellent facial cover if you're about to do some freedom-fighting!


A judge recently ruled that DefCad's files should stay offline, despite it being an obvious first amendment violation. They're coming for your files, men. I say, come and take it.


How about a nice wrap-around Ancapistan shirt? It's made of heavy-duty polyester and it doesn't fade after washing. Unlike other, inferior, t-shirts, this one wraps all around in a logical manner. It's just a backwards ancap flag shirt when seen from behind. :D


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