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@metalgeek @JobDestroyer I have a first gen lcp. Has the old crappy trigger and essentially no sights.
Before I knew what all the bullshit terms were, looking back I would have classified myself as a left-leaning libertarian. I've been an outright ancap for 6 or 7 years now. We all gotta start somewhere.

@JobDestroyer @metalgeek Sweet. I've got a couple of AK's. Here's my "Teddy Bear" that protects me at night. It's a Zastava M92 pistol with a "wrist brace".

Thanks to the increased focus on online privacy, more and more products and services are becoming available that enable you to protect your personal data, whatever your technical ability.

@PrivacyHaus is a good place to start to see what's out there:

Original tweet:

Some of you might have received that scam email that tells you one of your previously leaked passwords and says they have everything on you and to send them money through BTC, first time I get one with no password at all, someone wrote shitty malware.

Hey gang. I'm you're everyday cryptoanarchist wannabe.
I love Dash. I love truth. I hope to seek useful and sometimes painful knowledge that is being hidden from the masses.

Apple used ICE to steal a third-party vendor's repair components. Apple is such a shit-tier company...

Libertarianism just tells us the absolute minimum we should explicitly expect from each other which is just the expectation of non-aggression. Libertarianism places no limits on the beauty or ugliness we can create within the bounds of voluntarism. #amliberty #createbeauty

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