@mariusor Would you mind if people helped you out with Littr? If so, what would be the best things that people can do to help the project?

@JobDestroyer not at all, it would be welcome.

For a lengthier discussion feel free to post on the mailing list:

Broad strokes, there's a bug tracker here:

The tasks are for both projects that go-littr is comprised of: the fedbox generic activitypub service (and its dependencies) and go-littr itself, which is a client to server activitypub client.

I'm also interested in art and branding regarding go-littr itself. Ideas in general are welcome.

@JobDestroyer also documentation is severely lacking for all of the projects so the most welcome addition would be someone to try to bootstrap the projects from scratch (with my help of course) and document the process as thoroughly as possible. This would represent the base for the wiki:

@JobDestroyer first try a bare metal one, I don't think you need much more than a go compiler. There's a makefile for convenience, but you can just execute the manual commands from it.

@JobDestroyer currently the fedbox instance behind is using the fs option. That's basically just the plain json files in a folder structure on disk. It's the simplest for debugging purposes.

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