“Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.”

You're putting me at risk by not wearing garlic around your neck and refusing to throw salt over your shoulder whenever passing by a cat!


Listen to the doctors, except only the ones that agree with my narrow and pre-determined viewpoint, not the other doctors. Other doctors who don't put out my views should be censored so as to prevent people from having opinions that differ from my opinions.

It's insane to see just how politicized the virus has become, on both sides. Including medical professionals speaking from politics and not their expertise. Do your own research, NO ONE from either side is looking out for your health. Stay safe out there!

@Freakwater@noagendasocial.com it's almost like people are only anti-war when it's the opposition who is conducting the war or something. That certainly explains why the anti-war left up and died once Obama got into office.

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